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What We Do

All About You promotes well being in the work place by offering Corporate Wellness Days using massage therapy for the purpose of relaxation and wellbeing, for both employees and service users. 

Massage therapy is based on the interaction between body and mind and the energy which joins them to promote self healing - a useful solution to managing stress and increasing energy and focus.

Organisations who recognise wellbeing and resilience as key enablers of employee engagement and performance would benefit from regular Wellness Days.  By showing an interest in the person behind the job role you assist in maintaining valued employees and reduce levels of absenteeism which ultimately have a knock on effect on business operation and finances - staff cover and turn over.  Sought-after talented people are now looking for wellness programmes as part of an organisation’s employee benefits package.

Healthy employees mean a healthy business so don't delay, make contact today and attract personnel who can make a difference in your field of work by boosting productivity.

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