Prepare to be Relaxed and Soothed 

All About You operates on the principal that the smaller things have the greatest impact and therefore tries to offer you a new sensory experience through treatments offered.  All treatments are tailored to meet individual needs and are suitable for both men and women.  The products used are of premium quality, offering rejuvenating powers to uplift, relax and inspire.  This means your experience of good health and well being can be felt long after you have left the treatment room.   


Swedish Body Massage: a neck to toe treatment using gliding and kneading techniques to restore balance to body and mind.  A unique blend of aromatic essential oils will boost health and well being.

Balinese Warm Bamboo Body Massage: this deep tissue exotic treatment uses heated bamboo sticks to create an extreme sensation of relaxation and well being.  Rolling and kneading overworked muscles will help to melt away deep seated tension and create a tranquil balance to the whole body.

Thai Warm Poultice Massage: warm herbal poultices are used first to evoke relaxation to tense muscles.  Using gliding strokes, up and down limbs results in a deeply relaxing and uplifting experience.  Includes a face and head massage to clear the mind, making this a truly head to toe treatment.

Aromatic Hot Oil Massage: tired muscles are warmed in order to release tension, while the scented oil relaxes, revives and rejuvenates the senses to evoke a sense of wellness.



Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage: using a combination of deep tissue and remedial movements, in an area prone to holding tension and stress

* Why not add a Back Cleanse: salt scrub and warm oil rubbed into the back to smooth away dead skin cells to leave you feeling refreshed (extra charge applies)

Indian Head Massage: use of deep kneading and compression movements over the neck, shoulder, scalp and face area, can aid concentration and relaxation

Indian Face Massage: a facial rejuvenation treatment to improve muscle tone and elasticity.  Repetitive movements of the fingertips across facial muscles and use of acupressure help to reduce unnoticed tension, giving back freedom of expression

Luxury Facial Sensation: a deep cleanse, exfoliate and tone, followed by a relaxing facial massage and masque will leave you feeling revived.


Revitalising Therapeutic Hand Treatment: a hand soak and scrub, followed by masque and massage will sooth aching joints, soften skin and condition nails


Revitalising Therapeutic Foot Treatment: a foot soak using foot spa, removal of rough skin, followed by masque and massage will sooth aching joints, relieve tension, soften skin and condition nails

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or by telephone: 07910022928

Also Available for Pamper/Hen Parties